A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game about taking over a concurrent.

In short :

Factories build stuff, and transform stuff into other stuff. You need to set them before they start to produce. Have a look to the product tree to understand better.

Warehouse stock stuff, in the compo version one is enough.

The shop sell stuff to citizen, and need to be affected as well.

Click on a building to have more detail on unit.

Strike can take over your building if you don't pay your worker well enough.

This has almost nothing to do with the theme, as I run out of time before making more funny action like buy factory, or decrease reputation. Anyway I'm happy with what it's turned out, considering that I've wasted a lot of time learning the new unity UI, which I'd better to have done before...

I choose to not use the web player this time, because some people told it don't work on Linux, so I choosed a downloadable version (and sorry for the mac guy, I didn't check if .zip work on mac :/)

According to the reglementation of ludum dare, it is possible to "port" the game for more people, so I've made a bigger window for building information, that's the only thing.

Tips : try to build something cheaper like fruit juice or fruit can (4 factories in all) before starting a full car production. Have a look to the product panel to understand how things are transformed into factories.


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